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1. Advertising:

We are proud to offer worldwide advertising services to Black Businesses to promote, elevate and inform consumers all over the world about merchants with great products, services, an special events. Join our business directory and become apart of a network of business owners that are widely searchable by millions of people.


a. Register and Advertise a Black Owned Business

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Become a Member of the Largest Network of Business Owners for a low cost of only $3.99 monthly and cancel anytime. This low Monthly Membership Fee allows your business to be searchable using our largest network of consumers. As a member you get our lowest hourly rates for our online virtual business marketplace consumer events.

1. Name of Business

2. Name of Owner

3. Telephone Number

4. Business Number

5. Email Address

6. Website IP Address

5. Picture of Business Website

6. Products or Services

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b. Register and Advertise Your Black Owned Business Event

Advertising Cost: Free as a Member

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This membership will allow you to advertise your event flyers according to photo size specifications not to exceed a square block 3'5 block or smaller.

1. Name of Event

2. Date

3. Promo Flyer (Upload Link)

4. Contact Number

5. Email Address

6. Web Address

7. How Many Months to Advertise

8. Pay Now and Become a Member Button


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