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It is with great pleasure for Black-Empowerment Business Network to showcase one of the greatest events of 2020! The newest Cyber Buy Black Friday Sales Event (ONE DAY ONLY) will be held online on November 26, 2020 at 11:59 am. We strongly encourage you to sign up for the greatest market sales event created, organized, and bought to us by Black United Nations-The Black U.N. Inc. and hosted by The Movement for Black Power located in Washington, D.C.

Black-Empowerment Business Network Inc. is excited to advertise this event and will not be held responsible for the selling, marketing, advertising, technical operations, distribution, hosting, networking, or any matter related to this event or any of its agents and affiliates.

We encourage all consumers and business merchants on our Black-Empowerment Business Network to join this event and be apart of our list of vendors that are connecting with consumers all over the world who are ready and willing to invest in black owned business products and services.

Please click on this EVENTBRITE link to register now for the event! We understand that the old way of doing things before the pandemic has changed and a number of people have modified their shopping experience to include online market shopping. This Black Friday will be like no other in our history. We are giving everyone the chance to sign up for this free open marketplace dedicated to supporting Black owned businesses everywhere while we provide Black consumers with some of the best products and services for a sales price on CYBER BUY BLACK FRIDAY SALES EVENT (ONE DAY ONLY)

No longer should anyone have to stand in long lines for the holidays to shop their favorite items. Now we will bring these good and services right to your home with opening an online marketplace for everyone's convenience. Black owned business merchants and consumers can come together and support one another collectively.

Register By Clicking Below:

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Disclaimer: All attendees and registered business agents will participate in this event at their own risk and agree to solely operate independently in a free market enterprise. You agree that you are not owed anything from the organization and waive your right to bring suit against the organization or any of its affiliates. This is a marketing event to make consumers aware of your business and you assume all risk of exposure using our internet platform. Black United Nations- The Black U.N. Inc. or its hosts or any of it member’s, associates, and affiliates expressly disclaims any and all liability with respect to any actions or omissions in hosting this and any other events. Freelance businesses are solely responsible for directing and controlling the performance of selling your own products or services on the Black-Empowerment Business Network Inc. You agree that the creator and organizer Black United Nations-The Black U.N. Inc.; the host of the event Movement for Black Power or its advertising and marketing agent Black-Empowerment Business Network Inc. will not be held liable for any product or services including the time, place, and manner in which the products are sold and delivered. Businesses solely and exclusively shall use it’s best efforts, energy and skill in such manner as it sees fit to produce a profit, networking, opportunities, and an overall great outcome at this event.


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